Tuesday, February 01, 2011

An Unusual Scottish Linen Damask Tablecloth

This week, in my eBay shop, I'm listing a beautiful and very unusual linen damask tablecloth - a big rectangle which is woven with all kinds of Scottish scenes and motifs. I'm not sure if it was made in Ulster for the Scottish market, or in Scotland itself. The design is amazing, with lots of 'roundels' containing Holyrood Palace, The Old Brig o' Doon, at Alloway in Ayrshire, Dunfermline Abbey and so on, as well as various Lions Rampant, thistles, heather and the 'bluebells of Scotland' which aren't what the English call bluebells at all, but instead are the pretty harebells that flower later in the summer, when the heather and ling are just coming into bloom, making a lovely contrast with them. The design is incredibly complicated and pretty - the names of some of these places are even woven into the cloth. It would make a wonderful talking point at any Scottish event.

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Scottish Nanna said...

Gorgeous Tablecloth I love everything Scottish Think I am still homesick after 50 years in Australia.Have A good weekend.
Hugs Mary.