Monday, February 26, 2007

Many More Signs of Spring

Lots more. And since our year long attempt to renovate and renew our 200 year old cottage is almost coming to an end, I should be able to spend a little more time on this blog, in tandem with many more listings in my eBay shop. I have a cupboard full of wonderful embroidered tablecloths which will look fabulous on an Easter or summer table. Even nicer, though, is the possibility of using them for picnics - classy picnics of course, with wicker picnic baskets, real glasses, and perhaps the odd bottle of champagne. Not, mind you, that I manage many picnics of that kind. I suspect that the box of sandwiches, and the flask of coffee, perched on top of a heap of old stones, with the wind blowing the rain into horizontal lines is more my style, but one can dream!
Yesterday a friend invited us to her annual 'crocus' party, which is always a herald of spring. It was a fabulous afternoon, with good food, and good company, and the cheering sight of drifts of purple crocuses in her garden. There are so many signs of spring in our own garden now, that it is impossible to count them all - snowdrops in the hedges, daffodils almost in bloom, and the birds courting each other in every tree and shrub. There are sticky green buds everywhere, and the smell of fresh green in the air. Sadly, our internal renovations (not quite finished yet!) have created mayhem in the bit of garden near the house, and since we're sociable, and like to sit out there with friends right through the summer, we are going to have to get going on it. Even as I write this, my husband is out there labouring with reclaimed Victorian flagstones. More, meanwhile, about our 'Country Kitchen' as soon as it is finished.