Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Gorgous Embroidered Tablecloths for Spring

I must confess to having a really soft spot for those gorgeous little embroidered tablecloths that so many women seemed to make back in the 1940s and 50s. My dear late mum was one of them, and I still have several of them, beautifully embroidered by her like a little link to my own past. I also have piles of her old Stitchcraft magazines, and browsing through them from time to time, I'm a child again, back at home, with my mum, trying to decide on her next project. Even thinking about it gives me a strange combination of pleasure and sadness! All of which means that when I find a box of beautifully embroidered old linen at auction, as I did last week, I'm disproportionately ecstatic. People who don't have the same passion can never quite understand it, but even my husband, who mostly irons this stuff, was moved to say 'hey - these are so beautifully embroidered. I couldn't tell the front from the back!'
There's an example here, with flowers and butterflies embroidered on linen - all the flowers of late spring and summer in Scotland, honeysuckle, wild roses and many others - exquisite.
I believe, as well, that these little cloths are bang on trend if the country lifestyle magazines are to be believed here in the UK. Sophie Dahl, who begins a new cookery series, on UK television this week, has a fondness for embroidered tablecloths and I can think of nothing nicer, to celebrate Easter, than a proper teatime spread, with cupcakes, dainty sandwiches, and real tea served in china cups - all on these prettily embroidered tablecloths. OK, so we're 'playing at the fifties' a bit! But it's a harmless pleasure, so why not?


Scottish Nanna said...

Hi Catherine I love the old table cloths with embroidery on them I have A few of them myself I also like to do embroidery myselfIt is very relaxing Hope you are keeping well.I used to like the spring time over there all the bulbs coming into bloom Its not the same here I miss my Scotland.
Hugs Mary.

Catherine Czerkawska said...

Spring is very late here this year - the winter has been so very cold. By now you would expect the daffs to be in bloom, but it's still crocuses and snowdrops. Nice though!

Erna said...

Once again a lovely post, I also love the old tablecloths, I've got several from my late aunts and my nan. I cherish them and I am secretly happy that my cousins don't like embroidery at all.
Enjoy the snowdrops and crosuses.Her in Amsterdam the daffodils are blooming....