Thursday, February 05, 2009


Just to prove that we do occasionally get snow in this part of the world - but not very often, I must admit - here is the view from our upstairs windows this morning. Isn't it beautiful? Sadly, the street out in front is a slushy mess, and although I'm supposed to be going away this weekend, I am now having serious second thoughts because the forecast for sunday in particular is for more heavy snow. All the same, when I stuck my head out of the door this morning, (and withdrew it pretty quickly, because it was so cold out there!) I could hear what sounded to me like a passable imitation of a dawn chorus - or the start of one. So with Valentine's day coming up, at least the birds are having thoughts of spring. And there are snowdrops everywhere - but currently buried under blankets of real snow!


Erna said...

Hello Catherine what a lovely pictures. I heared the weather was pretty severe in Scotland, so take care.
Here in Holland the rain is pouring.

Catherine Czerkawska said...

Yes - and it's still snowing. When it gets colder towards evening, I expect it will start to settle again!