Wednesday, April 18, 2007

More Pictures of Culzean

Looking utterly beautiful at this time of year - the gardens of Culzean Castle, here in Ayrshire. It's a busy place at the weekends, but go early, on a week day if you can, and you can imagine that the whole place belongs to you. We skived off work the other day - myself, and my husband, and wandered through the gardens to admire rhodies, and camellias and magnolias in full bloom. Much is being made of how early spring has come to the UK this year, but it doesn't seem that early to me, here in South West Scotland - a week or two perhaps. We often have mild springs, and although scaremongering journalists are trying to tell us that the daffodils should still be in bloom just now, there is an old English nursery rhyme which goes 'March brings breezes, loud and shrill, stirs the dancing daffodil' while it's April that 'brings the primrose sweet, scatters daisies at our feet.' OK, so the fleecy lambs have been here for some time, but then early lambing is pretty much commonplace! So I don't think the spring has come unnaturally early. In fact there has been no sign of our swallows and house martins yet, and I'm beginning to wonder what has become of them - you usually see a few of them some time in April! Meanwhile, we are also being told that bumblebees are under threat - and so they are in parts of the UK. But we have a bumblebees' nest somewhere in the garden and they seem to be everywhere at the moment: huge, furry, noisy and beautiful. We seem to be on constant bumblebee watch, rescuing them from our conservatory - my husband had to close his workshop door because he was spending so much time assisting panic stricken bees.

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Anonymous said...

Today my husband sent me a link to your blog and I'm so glad he did! (He descends from some of those folks on Gigha and had ordered your book last month...still waiting. He's disappointed that he found out today that he could have ordered it from you directly.)

It looks like we enjoy many of the same things. Shadow of the Wind is on my all-time favorite book list. I have a collection of old family textiles, and I continue to add to my collection when I find beautiful fabrics (yes, an 1800's paisley is one) or things that I know someone has spent a lot of precious time creating. I'm a Saggitarian, too.

My people come from England, Ireland and Scotland. One day soon I will get there. 'Til then I'm living vicariously through this group's tour:

Loved seeing your photos of the Magnolias, and that Rhododendron is stunning! The Star Magnolias got frozen before they even got started this year. Things have been a little delayed. We have been enjoying daffodils for almost a month, some of the tulips are finally starting to shine, and the early wildflowers (as of last weekend) are putting on a beautiful show.

Looking forward to following your remodeling woes, your garden fotos, and generally Scots postings (for instance, I didn't know about that early letter 'yog'.) Thanks!

Nancy in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA